Artist Takeshi Shinohara.

Takeshi Shinohara in his studio

I had the great fortune of visiting the studio of Takeshi Shinohara in Kyoto Japan. A soft spoken man that is philosophical with a fine sense of humor. I had just seen his exhibition”Circulation and Undulation” in Nagoya and could not wait to learn more about him.

Shinohara investigates energy between his own internal world versus external world. He captures the ephemeral conditions of nature and the action within himself,  in this way he is an ecological performance artist. In his performances he works in his own special space, woven with light, water, wind and sound, all factors of impermanence. Shinohara is also a musician that plays the saxophone and the base guitar, he understands and feels music, in the sense that as the note is being played it dissipates into the air, it existed for a moment but all that is left is a memory in an empty space. His performances in front of an audience include the action of instant aggressive drawings sometimes in combination with sounds. Outside in nature his performances include working with water (exposed drawings to acid rain), wind (capture sounds from the strings of stretched next to train tracks) earth (drawings with leaves and sticks) and fire.

Wind drawing -1982

I wonder, if the energy of every inherent property of matter which intends to change or develop itself in accordance with the natural cycle- the divine providence, would require me to represent myself as an indispensable constituent. I intend not to establish a new concept on the systems of nature for myself, but to put myself into what nature itself possesses.” Takeshi Shinohara.

He  was born in Kyoto Japan and studied art at the University for Fine Arts, Osaka and he also did advance art studies in the United States, Canada and Belgium.

In this video he is showing one of his kinetic artworks that is called “Rooster” because of the sound it makes.



About Marais

Anja Marais is an artist with interdisciplinary projects consisting of sculpture, photography, installation and film that present the idea of the perpetual outlander. For more information visit
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