The Creative Capitol Osmosis

Osmosis release energy, and can be made to do work. This is what I think of the process when the Creative Capitol Professional Development program with its concentrated information meets the artist with potential – a probable movement of energy into action.

I was very fortunate as one of the winners of the Florida Individual Grants to be included in this workshop that was made possible by the Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs. The Creative Capitol Professional Development Workshop was launched in 2003 and are available for artists from all fields to cover topics like Strategic planning, PR/Marketing, Fund raising,  and Verbal communication. I highly recommend this workshop, it provides business know-how tailored for the artist- a topic that is a void in art schools. The best part is that you get information straight from the horse’s mouth, not some hold-on-to-your-dreams-guru spew that you will find as of late all over the internet but advice straight from art professionals that themselves are at the top of the game. Here is some highlights from my notes I took at the workshop.

The workshop staff and leaders include the very expressive Tracie Morris, poet and writer:

“…artists should learn how to take no for an answer and be prepared if the answer is yes.”

Choreographer and co-director of Philadelphia’s Headlong Dance Theater:

“…there is more money out there than the artist think, when you are raising funds for a project, just ask. You will be amazed that people will give you money just because you asked and because they want to be part of culture.”

Filmmaker and documentary production Brad Lichtenstein:

“…every artist has to have a website.”

The artist and author Jackie Battenfield:

“. . .you have to drive your own promotion, it is your responsibility”

Artist Matthew Geller:

“…when a reader finish your Art Statement they should want to see your work. In your Statement explain your work do not justify it”.

And the wise words form the Team leader and Business consultant Colleen Keegan:

“…your financial planning and activity should reflect the values and integrity of your art. … Business skills are learned”

There is way, way more so if you ever have the opportunity to apply for this workshop do not hesitate.

About Marais

Anja Marais is an artist with interdisciplinary projects consisting of sculpture, photography, installation and film that present the idea of the perpetual outlander. For more information visit
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4 Responses to The Creative Capitol Osmosis

  1. Anja Marais says:


    You are one of the few artists I know that is already business savvy (love your latest project) but you will love this workshop it just clears up a lot of muddy artist topics that we all struggle with but the best part is that you will walk out feeling not alone.

  2. Anja Marais says:

    @ Vick
    Thank you for the quote. I am so glad they send us home with all the hard copies of the seminar so that we can dive through the pile of information again. Keep on painting!

  3. kate miller says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this . I really enjoyed reading the quotes and may look into the workshop in the future. Best of luck to you, you deserve everything comin g your way.

  4. Vick says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you at this workshop and I like this link to see more of your work. I think you are on the fast track, girl!

    I just read this in the Strategic Planning book and it hits the nail on the head: “Stop being hard on yourself. It is not merited and does not work. Every Creative Capitalist artist who has entered this program has aggrandized their weaknesses and downplayed their strengths. Understand that you are capable of success beyond your expectations. CELEBRATE your achievements. It will allow you to demystify and address your inefficiencies.” page 59

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