Contemporary Sculpture around Key West.

Bill Wood, 3 Card Monte

2010 Kicked of with some interesting work around the island, first off we have the annual Sculpture Key West now in its 15th year. The curator is Lilly Wei a New York based independent curator and art critic. 31 artists are represented in three locations, Fort Zachory Taylor, West Martello and the Botanical Gardens.There is also an exhibition by Susan Rogers at The Studios of Key West.

Robert Chambers, Vitruvius Recliner

At West Martello you can see work by Robert Chambers which is a mechanical refurbished recliner into plywood. This Lay-Z-Boy recliner is an upside-down mounted motorized wonder of Leonardo Da Vinci’s ideal human proportion, the Vitruvian Man.

Tsuki no mon ni: yurei no mori by Jonathan Schork

Made out of indigenous wood on a steel frame and about 18′ x 18′ x 3′, inspired by Asian architecture, the moon-gate. This is a transformation gate to transcend feelings of grief and loss.

We are not from here by Luisa Caldwell

This snowy mountain scene of the paper mural juxtapose its tropical surroundings,  it is 8′ x 13′  x 4′.

Rain and sun by Susan Rogers

Sun and Rain by Susan Rogers

Installation with nylon rope and a metal grid. This work can be seen at the Studios of Key West.

Jamey Grimes, Cymatics III, Stainless steel, polyester screen, floats

My favorite sculpture from SKW10 was the installation in the water by Jamey Grimes.

Atlantyda 2 by Ludwika Ogorzelec

This installation of cellophane at the Botanical garden is what Ludwika calls her global Space Crystallization Cycle, weaving a dream-like translucent cocoon.

Anonymous at Geiger Key

Sometimes when you are prepared to wander of the beaten path you can stumble upon a sculpture that was inspired by nature itself. Where a passerby was struck by the place and the moment and left a token of his/her appreciation for who might follow in their path.

About Marais

Anja Marais is an artist with interdisciplinary projects consisting of sculpture, photography, installation and film that present the idea of the perpetual outlander. For more information visit
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