Progress at residency: Week 1

In my studio I try to understand and figure out the new country I find myself in. Observing people in the subway, the markets and the “Daiso” stores, I can peek into their habits and ways. One interesting group of people are the “box collectors”. Every morning you will see men and women pushing empty homemade wooden or metal trolleys and later in the day they pass again with their trolleys full of cardboard boxes. They will exchange their find at a recycle depot for money. The cardboard box has become a sort of currency and for some their only means of income.


Based on this I started to look at a cardboard box with new eyes and I am playing and experimenting with this medium.

Cardboard box relief. 60" x 15"

About Marais

Anja Marais is an artist with interdisciplinary projects consisting of sculpture, photography, installation and film that present the idea of the perpetual outlander. For more information visit
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