Open studio in Seoul Art Space Geumcheon Factory.

Starting on September 23rd the public can visit the Studios at Geumcheon Art Center and can also view an exhibition of International Residents (Anja Marais (South Africa/USA, Jeff Schmuki/USA) that visited the Art space this year. For more information you can contact Geumcheon Art Factory at Tel 02-807-4800. The art space includes up and coming local artists like Jeong Jeong-Ju , Juhee Yoon and many more.

Kim Hee-young, Manager of Art Space GEUMCHEON:
“The exhibition highlights ways of interpreting the space of Geumcheon. Twenty first-term artists from four countries stayed in the Seoul Art Space Geumcheon for two months to one year. The exhibition’s theme Rich Disorganization was proposed to metaphorically present the artists’ new dreams, their individuality, diverse perspectives, and the possibilities of a newly evolving city from viewpoints different from those of administrators and local residents. These strangers who enjoy traveling alone, leaving their home voluntarily, and moving to new places anonymously shed light on Geumcheon from the perspectives of collectors, urban scholars, and detectives.
Their gaze on this region appears inconsistent yet poetic with the intersection of various voices. Moreover, the scenes these artists rendered are mere manifestations of their individual concerns for life here,but have nothing to do with regional issues such as the reality of migrant workers residing here, and reckless development of this area mixed with industrial and residential facilities. However, individual scenes resident artists rendered acquire meaning of its presence through structuralized, symbolized representations as cultural images, and the memories, reflected by this region’s artifacts and images they collected, are not individual but collective. Can the artists’ aesthetic attempts to add new identity to this declining area save its concealed,forgotten moments of the past?”

About Marais

Anja Marais is an artist with interdisciplinary projects consisting of sculpture, photography, installation and film that present the idea of the perpetual outlander. For more information visit
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