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My multi-discipline art projects is that of a nomad, the perpetual out-lander, that is belaying a line between unreachable landfalls. I am mapping the space where the foreigner in all of us exist, that capacious interval, of which is and has no beginning, and which is becoming and never is. The subject of man and animal in my work is preserving the elusiveness of the familiar stranger. The likes of the same unknown persons that travel pass us daily at a vis-à-vis distance, and with an unspoken pact of anonymity between us we transmit a harmonious tension of being simultaneously far away and yet close. The rudder of my art is the work and words of progenitors, Stanley Milgrim, Harry Martinson and Egon Schiele. Deleuze well knew the conditions of the nomad – the concept of what he called the lines of flight – “From lines of division and separation to nomadic lines of flight – lines that carry us away, a flow of deterritorialization”