Welcome to Mino, Japan.

Udatsu architecture in Mino City

We arrived in Mino Japan in the beginning of September and we were immediately
swooped up in a flurry of customs, formalities and cultural exchange.
Our group included artists from Germany, South Africa, United States and Japan.
The Mino Washi Paper residency is supported by the City of Mino and
we had the honor of meeting the Mayor and members of the City Council. The hospitality
of the Japanese exceed all other, we were greeted with smiles and courtesy where
ever we go.

Our first day was orientation where we were introduced to the program members and volunteers.  We were also given a
tour of Mino city, it’s beautiful Udatsu Architecture, historical Merchant houses and local temples.

Here is a short video of one of the Cultural programs  we where participating in. We were learning more about
Japanese Culture at a 19th Century farmhouse were they still practice ancient Japanese crafts like handmade paper,
Umbrella making, basketry and more.

This was a great opportunity to get more knowledge regarding papermaking and to immerse yourself in the
culture of Japan.

About Marais

Anja Marais is an artist with interdisciplinary projects consisting of sculpture, photography, installation and film that present the idea of the perpetual outlander. For more information visit http://www.anjamarais.com
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