Seeking geometric organic patterns.

I try to find patterns in everyday objects and events. Being from South Africa I witnessed street people building make shift homes out of cardboard boxes for warmth and shelter. In Seoul the poor entrepreneur will collect and carry massive amount of cardboard boxes to trade for small amount of money. Cardboard becomes an universal sustaining vein for the less fortunate, the dichotomy is that it also becomes the consumption vein of the rich, transporting and holding their goods. The cardboard box for me becomes a metaphor about the unfortunate state of our society and our environment today – our unsteady economies of consumption built from a deprived ecological system.

Both society and the environment is joined at the hip. Uplift the one and so does the other. Immensely influenced by the designer Buckminster Fuller words “The Opposite of Nature is impossible” I use Fuller’s  geometric designs and shaped cardboard boxes into patterns. Read how this project started.

The Diamond Flounder, Cardboard and wire

Lepidoptera (Wing Scales), Cardboard and wire

Devonian Pollen, Cardboard and wire

Devonian Pollen (Detail), Cardboard and wire


About Marais

Anja Marais is an artist with interdisciplinary projects consisting of sculpture, photography, installation and film that present the idea of the perpetual outlander. For more information visit
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